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EFWA aligns its work with the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals, which have identified and set standards for improving the lives of our world’s human communities and the rest of life on Earth, to safeguard wellbeing in the future.  Radically transforming our digital infrastructure, including digital products and services such as websites, plays a vital part.

EFWA and United Nations Sustainable Goals (pdf)

3.7% is the percentage of global carbon emissions due to The Internet

What we do

We work with businesses, organisations and networks around the world to help them lead the way to a more sustainable future. Implementing EFWA standards is another way for you to demonstrate your credentials to customers, employees and stakeholders, and showcase your commitment to sustainability by reducing the carbon footprint and energy consumption of your organisation’s website and digital platforms and infrastructure. We have developed tools and resources through our world-wide community of specialists, and we aim to make them as accessible as possible to all.

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What they say
Lucy Cullinane

Definitely a step in the right direction – I didn’t know that the internet is responsible for nearly 4% of global carbon emissions and as we are on our #racetozero drive, it made sense to ensure that the #carbonfootprint of the Efeca website was as low as possible. Thanks for helping us first understand the carbon footprint of our website and then helping us reduce those emissions affiliated with it.


Operations Director, Efeca

Angus Grant

We are thrilled to announce that the Carlisle Brass website has been certified as environmentally friendly by the EFWA. It’s especially important that companies in e-commerce and others with a website, have a sustainable approach. This is something that we’d definitely recommend to businesses and other organisations in the UK and globally.

Carlisle Brass is the UK’s largest specialised developer of door and window furniture for residential and commercial properties.


Managing Director, Carlisle Brass

Jill Poet

Really love the work the Alliance is doing, in creating more awareness of the huge carbon impact of IT and digital infrastructure. It is important that we reduce the carbon emissions of the website and work towards climate-positivity. The website will be better from a performance and loading speed too in the process. We are delighted that our Organisation for Responsible Business and other websites are accredited as eco-friendly.


CEO, Organisation for Responsible Businesses 

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