A pathway to Digital Sustainability Leadership

Eco-Friendly Website Accreditation

We provide an independent accreditation that recognises the carbon reduction of an organisation’s website/s.

Climate-Positive Website Accreditation

A Climate Positive Website produces less than 1g of CO2e per page view, has switched to recognised green hosting and has taken steps to offset their now reduced carbon emissions of their website by re-forestation, rewilding or regenerative farming.

Green-Hosted Accreditation

EFWA works with data centres that use green energy. Websites that use data centres who have acquired Renewable Energy Credits or Carbon Credits to green their electricity use to run their facilities are qualified for this accreditation.

Green Digital Infrastructure Accreditation

We advise businesses across sectors on green digital infrastructure strategy, optimisations, risks and opportunities, carbon reduction plans and transitioning to a low carbon world through the digital infrastructure and beyond.

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