You can demonstrate the highest standards of green-hosting for your websites, through a collaborative and flexible accreditation process. To develop all our standards, we depend on a multidisciplinary advisory group to guide development and inform revisions to existing programs. EFWA collaborates and works with a select group of highly recognised organisations across the spectrum from business, investment, industry, advocacy groups and academics. All EFWA standards are developed collaboratively with industry experts, advocacy groups and academics. EFWA Standards Committee continue to review the standards regularly.

EFWA works with data centres that use green energy. Websites that use data centres who have acquired Renewable Energy Credits or Carbon Credits to green their electricity use to run their facilities are qualified for this accreditation.

Implementing this EFWA standard is another way for you to demonstrate your credentials to customers, employees and stakeholders, and showcase your commitment to sustainability by reducing the carbon footprint and energy consumption of your organisation’s website.

Benefits of EFWA Green-Hosted Accreditation

— EFWA Accreditation is an achievement that demonstrates sustainability leadership.

— Highly empowered conscious consumers seek and champion brands that commit to sustainability.

— EFWA is the world’s first eco standard for websites and digital infrastructure.

— Showcase your commitment to sustainability by reducing the carbon footprint and energy consumption of your organisation’s website.

— Compliance – demonstrates to external stakeholders that you have taken steps to host your websites and platforms on renewable green energy powered data centres.

— Improve corporate reputation – transparency gives confidence to stakeholders and raises your profile.

— Enhance your sustainability credentials and increase your resilience.

— Align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs).

— Work towards green and renewable energy powered websites and digital infrastructure.

The Process

While obtaining an accreditation requires a commitment on your part, EFWA’s well-defined accreditation process provides a streamlined way for you to apply, implement, receive and maintain the accreditation.

Earn accreditation in a few steps

Our accreditation and certification process is designed to set you up for success. You’ll be partnered with a member of our team who will be your singular point of contact. This way you will always know where to go with your questions and where things stand in regard to timing and next steps.

Our accreditation process creates a framework for continuous improvement

We purposely designed our accreditation approach to be collaborative. It facilitates learning and continuous improvement. While we set the standards, we don’t dictate how they are achieved. This flexibility encourages and supports innovation by your team.

EFWA’s accreditation process can take as little as one month. It really depends on how readily available you are to make the necessary improvements to meet the standard.
We understand that we have to streamline the process so that your effort overheads are low. We do our best to keep the process moving as efficiently as possible. We continuously seek to streamline the process, while maintaining the same high standards for accreditation.

Rest assured, you will not be going through this process alone. A dedicated member of our team will be by your side throughout the process to help guide you to a successful outcome.

— Initial audit of your organisation’s s hosting arrangements and data centre used.

— Following the analysis, EFWA will provide you with a set of recommendations.

— Audit — EFWA will carry out another audit once you have applied the recommendations.

— Issuance of Accreditation upon meeting the criteria.

— Messaging resources kit — Let the world know.

— Ongoing requirements: Your organisation’s website/s hosting will be subject to quarterly audits throughout your accreditation period, which will involve a review of arrangements. The audits also help identify good practice and provide you with information, advice and guidance on any improvements that need to be made.

Please note that, EFWA do not accredit or work with any organisations that is involved in fossil fuels, pornography, child labour, human trafficking, and gambling and reserves the right to reject applications that are against its ethos and values.

The cost of accreditation

The cost of your accreditation will be quoted on a fixed fee basis, reducing your worry about additional costs.

The cost of accreditation will depend on your organisation’s total size, the sector you operate in and the number of websites.

We always provide a fixed fee with no hidden costs and absolute transparency.

Contact us today for a quote.