Neutral Carbon
Zone (NCZ)

The internet's contribution to global carbon emissions stands at 3.7%, emphasising the need for organisations to take the lead in reducing emissions, demonstrating accountability, and setting a strong example.




Carbon-Conscious Website

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Company Name:

NeutralCarbonZone Ltd. Registered in England and Wales. Company number 14014572.

Carbon per page


Averages under 1g of CO2e per page view



Below Zero Emissions

The organisation takes responsibility for its website's carbon footprint through insetting or high-integrity Gold Standard/Verified Carbon Standard nature/community projects as a last resort. Adjusted every year.

About the Accreditation

Why carbon-conscious website accreditation?

A carbon-conscious website is one that maintains an average emission level of less than 1 gram of carbon per page view and takes accountability for its annual carbon footprint based on its traffic volume.

Websites are encouraged to choose green hosting, powered by renewable energy, over standard grid energy. If a website isn't using green hosting or cannot prove its hosting provider as green, an extra ten percent of carbon emissions are added to its annual footprint. Additionally, carbon-conscious websites take accountability for their yearly carbon footprint through insetting or supporting high-integrity Gold Standard or Verified Carbon Standard offsetting projects, achieving emissions levels below zero. This means they take responsibility for more carbon than what they produce.

Audit Process

The site undergoes audits every 90 days to check against the criteria to maintain the carbon-conscious website standard. The process is detailed here.

Scientific Advisory Board

Our scientific advisory board ensures the integrity of the process through regular reviews and progressions.