The internet's contribution to global carbon emissions stands at 3.7%, emphasising the need for organisations to take the lead in reducing emissions, demonstrating accountability, and setting a strong example.




Climate-Positive Website

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Sortworthy LLC

Carbon per page


Averages under 1g of CO2e per page view



Below Zero Emissions

Site takes responsibility for its carbon footprint through insetting or high-integrity Gold Standard/Verified Carbon Standard nature/community projects. Adjusted every year.

About the Accreditation

Why climate-positive website accreditation?

A climate-positive website is one that has web pages mesauring under 1 gram of carbon per page view. Site uses renewable energy powered hosting services than using that use standard grid energy. If the site is already not green-hosted it has made a pledge to be green-hosted within six months. The site takes responsibility for its carbon footprint yearly, and going beyond that for the year through insetting or high-integrity high-integrity Gold Standard or Verified Carbon Standard projects, going below zero emissions.

Audit Process

The site undergoes audits every quarter to check against the criteria to maintain the climate-positive website standard. The proces detailed here

Scientific Advisory Board

Our scientific advisory board ensures the integrity of the process through regular reviews and progressions.