Eco-Friendly Web Alliance wins Collaboration Award, Big Sustainability Awards 2022

EFWA wins Collaboration Award, Big Sustainability Awards 2022

We are delighted to announce that Eco-Friendly Web Alliance (EFWA) won the Collaboration Award at Big Sustainability Awards 2022

The winning of a major sustainability award by EFWA, a social enterprise which works to reduce the internet’s energy consumption is a sign the issue is now being taken seriously, the organisation has said.

The Eco-Friendly Web Alliance (EFWA) fought off competition from energy giants SSE and Southampton Football Club to take a major prize at the Big Sustainability Awards 2022.

EFWA wins Collaboration Award at Big Sustainability Awards 2022

The Big Sustainability Expo 2022 is a leading Expo in support of businesses and organisations in the public & private sector with their corporate sustainability, net-zero and reduction in costs. Big Sustainability Awards takes place at the end of the Expo in Southampton and also the Big Green Wheels EV Showcase.

They received the collaboration award at the event, the first high-profile recognition since forming last year following a 4-year journey that started off as a sustainable innovation think tank in 2018.

The EFWA campaigns to reduce the amount of energy the internet consumes across the planet.

As it stands, the internet is responsible for around 10 per cent of the world’s electricity use, a figure that’s expected to double in coming years. Internet is estimated to emit 3.7% of global carbon emissions, which is more than aviation or shipping industry. Internet emissions are predicted to be twice as that in 3 to four years.

They say website owners can reduce the amount of consumption by reducing page size, optimising their sites, and encourage sites to use green host providers.

That means less electricity is used each time an internet page is accessed, resulting in reduction in energy consumption and lower carbon emissions,  when amassed across the planet. As per United Nations, 66% of world’s electricity is coming from fossil fuels.

Hundreds of thousands of tonnes of CO2 emissions from the UK could be prevented from going into the atmosphere by saving energy used by end-user devices, transmission networks and data centres.

Shane Herath, chair of the Eco-Friendly Web Alliance, said:

“We were thrilled to receive this award, especially in the face of such esteemed competition.

“But what’s more important is this shows the world is ready to take seriously the environmental threat posed by internet consumption.

“The amount of electricity required to power the internet and its associated infrastructure is eye-watering, and as more of our lives move online it is becoming even more so.

“But there is action that can be taken to reduce this.

“Website owners can take responsibility for the carbon footprint of their site by reducing page size without losing content and using green hosts to host their websites and taking responsibility for the websites’ emissions. 

“We offer free audits to any website owners who are interested in ensuring their site is environmentally friendly, and perhaps even climate positive when you take responsibility for site’s emissions. This is a good first step to reducing digital emissions.

“This award is a major national recognition toward acknowledging this issue.”

Addressing the climate crisis involves improving how we do what we do by holding in mind global warming, the exhaustion of natural resources, and multiple species extinction – and EFWA is leading the way.