Lead the way, get your website accredited

  • Reduce your website’s emissions to less than 1g of carbon per page view
  • Meet the transparent, credible and reliable standards set by our global Scientific Advisory Board
  • Boost your website’s performance and search engine rankings
  • Showcase your commitment to digital sustainability
  • Become more resilient
  • Attract more customers
  • Enhance your corporate reputation and inspire confidence among your stakeholders
  • Support eight UN Sustainable Development Goals for a better world, Responsible Consumption, and Climate Action
  • Gain and maintain eco-friendly accreditation as your first step towards climate-positive accreditation

The Journey

  • 1. Commit

    Commit to less than 1 gram of carbon for each page

  • 2. Act

    Lower your website emissions if over the limit. Get a free audit to check.

  • 3. Inspire

    Display the Accreditation logo on your website. Inspire others.

Our Goal

Our first target is to prevent 500,000 tonnes of carbon from entering the atmosphere within the decade, by helping websites across the world become greener.

The Process

Our process is quick, flexible, and as collaborative as you want it to be. It starts with a free audit and no commitment. A dedicated EFWA team member will assist you throughout.

* Please note: EFWA does not accredit any organisation involved in fossil fuels, pornography, child labour, human trafficking, and gambling and reserves the right to reject applications that are against its ethos and values. See full list under ‘Accreditation FAQs’ page.

  • First Audit of the whole website
  • Guidance to reduce website emissions if over the limit
  • Unlimited complete website audits to help stay low-carbon
  • Audits every 3 months to help maintain the eco standard
  • Accreditation + logo to add to your website
  • Entry into EFWA’s Verification Directory
  • Communications resource pack
  • EFWA announcing your achievement to the public
Your route to digital sustainability leadership

Demonstrate the highest standards of an eco-friendly website, through a collaborative and flexible accreditation process.

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The cost

Accreditation fees are based on the size of the website as our audit workload increases with the number of pages. Please contact us for the latest accreditation fees.

We offer special concessions for charities, social enterprises, and educational institutions. Keeping it inclusive for all is possible with this more equitable model.

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Our Impact

As a social enterprise, EFWA is committed to a cleaner, greener web and a sustainable world for everyone.

On our way to our own accreditation as a B Corp, we:

  • Donate 10% of our profits to:
    • educating children from disadvantaged backgrounds
    • community digital tools development
  • Promote and share knowledge about responsible use of digital

Join us in becoming a force for good and accelerating change.

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