An interactive informal workshop that will discuss the carbon impact of the internet and responsible consumption

JEE Autumn Conference

The JEE Autumn Conference is a European Congress co-organised by Junior ISIT and Junior-Enterprises Europe. It will be hosted at the Institute of Intercultural Communication and Management (ISIT), Paris by Junior ISIT’s team members. There will be 200 Junior-Entrepreneurs from Europe attending the event in Paris.

Eco-Friendly Web Alliance (EFWA) will be represented by Shane Herath who will be part of the speaker planel along with Time for the Planet, Orange, Quidgest, JE Bologna, the National French Confederation (CNJE), ISCAC Junior Solutions, and Junior ISIT and others. 

The theme of the event is about going “Beyond borders”. The idea is to overcome borders and cooperate on global issues such as the environment. In that sense, most of the workshops and exchange sessions will be about ecological matters and green entrepreneurship. 

A key theme we will be exploring is as to how can we practice ‘responsible consumption of digital technologies’. The interactive informal workshop by EFWA will cover the carbon impact of the internet, possible solutions including how websites can be eco-friendly and climate-positive, how can website owners, businesses lead from the front, green hosting and taking responsibility for your website’s carbon emissions.


12 November 2022 at 11.00 am to 12.15 pm CET


ISIT, Paris


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Junior ISIT and Junior-Enterprises Europe