Shane Herath
Shane Herath



In helping restore the balance between our economy, our ecology, and community, through the impact of your business, you can set a powerful example for others to follow. EFWA accreditation is about making an ongoing commitment and an achievement that demonstrates your digital sustainability leadership. "

Nuestro propósito

Our purpose is to empower the world to create a sustainable future, by accelerating the delivery of a low-carbon economy. By helping businesses and organisations globally to contribute to a cleaner and greener internet for all, we can make a meaningful impact. Our first goal is to prevent 500,000 tonnes of carbon from entering the atmosphere by 2030 by helping websites across the world become greener. Knowledge-sharing and community-building are the foundation for creating pathways to a sustainable future and achieving Net Zero.

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Quiénes somos

Our roots take us to the sustainable innovation tech ecosystem, founded in 2018, with the commitment to creating a sustainable future, guided by a manifesto for sustainable innovation. Together we can make a difference. By working with leading sustainability-focused organisations from various sectors, we are driving innovation and change toward a more sustainable future.

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