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Imagine losing an area of tropical rainforest the size of 563,296 football pitches every day. That’s how much carbon emissions the internet produces in a year.


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Eco-Friendly Web Alliance is a global movement led by experts and businesses, in partnership with nature.

London & Partners
London’s business growth and destination agency

London & Partners’ www.londonandpartners.com, www.conventionbureau.london (Official Convention Bureau) and www.business.london websites that receive millions of visitors, are within the standard, setting a powerful example, addressing emissions caused by soaring electricity use.

The Ecology Centre
Organisation leading with an accredited climate-positive website

Following an audit process The Ecology Centre in Fife, Scotland is now certified as having a climate-positive website, with a commitment to switching to green hosting and taking responsibility for website’s carbon annually.

69b Boutique
Climate-positive eCommerce website

London’s first store dedicated to a better fashion industry received climate-positive website accreditation as it looks to adopt a more sustainable digital approach. The company will continue to use green hosting and take responsibility site’s emissions through certified reforestation.

The Journey
How it works
What's my website's impact on the planet?

Commit to keeping web pages under 1 gram of carbon per page view. Use green hosting and take responsibility for carbon annually if you would like to be climate-positive.


Take the steps to lower your website’s carbon footprint (responsible consumption), run on green energy, taking responsibility for emissions. Display the EFWA Accreditation logo on your website.


Trumpet your commitment and achievement to inspire others!

An independent audit process, a highly recognised certification
World's First Eco Standard

Get your website accredited. Take your first step to reducing your digital emissions. Inspire others to follow your lead. Contribute to accelerating the change that we all need.

Eco-Friendly Website
Climate-Positive Website
Attract more customers

Net zero commitments have gone mainstream. But true climate leaders know that simply removing carbon isn’t enough. We help you demonstrate real progress.

Stand out from competitors

The tide has turned. 87% of consumers will have a more positive image of a company that supports social or environmental issues and 88% will be more loyal to a company that supports social or environmental issues (Forbes).

Improve brand reputation

Consumers’ spending decisions are increasingly influenced by their perceptions of a brand’s green credentials.  A recent study by Forbes revealed that 92% of customers will be more likely to trust a company that supports social or environmental issues.

Win tenders, access supply chains

Reputable sustainability credentials help firms win public tenders. Larger companies and public sector are looking to their supply chain for as they face pressure to strengthen their environmental credentials.

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Why join our strong community of climate positive businesses?

Why Us?

We need businesses to take a leadership role, becoming catalysts, and change-makers. We work with progressive leaders and businesses who want to restore Earth.

The World's First Eco Standard for Websites

Eco-Friendly Web Alliance eco standard is a world first for websites, globally recognised and featured in ComputerWeekly, Open Access Government, and other major publications.

Backed by a renowned scientific advisory board

EFWA standard is set by the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), regularly reviewed, and progressed. Climate Scientists, Tech & Engineering Experts, and Academics are part of our SAB.

Independent assessments and regular audits

Comply with the transparent, credible and reliable standards set by our multidisciplinary global Scientific Advisory Board. Gain the accreditation in a few achievable steps.

Meet us
Scientific Advisory Board
Meet Everyone
Prof. Ed Morrison
Prof. Ed Morrison

NED, Advisor

Jef Teugels
Jef Teugels


Shane Herath
Shane Herath

Chair, Advisor

Prof. Marissa Levine
Prof. Marissa Levine


William Sprigings

NED, Advisor

Prof. Mick Smyer
Prof. Mick Smyer


Chamindra de Silva
Chamindra de Silva


Gwyn Jones
Gwyn Jones


James Cannings
James Cannings


Peter Stovall


A social enterprise, a global movement
Our Only Purpose

EFWA is committed to a cleaner, greener web and a sustainable world for everyone, accelerating the delivery of a sustainable, low-carbon economy. Our goal is to prevent 500,000 tonnes of CO2 entering the atmosphere by 2030 by helping websites around the world become eco-friendly and climate-positive, including yours.

On our way to our own accreditation as a B Corp, we donate 10% of our profits to educating children from disadvantaged backgrounds and developing Open Source tools for the community, promoting and sharing knowledge about responsible use of digital technologies. Join us in becoming a force for good and accelerating change.

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