A masterclass for MBA students, The University of Exeter Business School

MBA Masterclass on Ethical Innovation & Digital Emissions, The University of Exeter

A masterclass that will provide an introduction to digital carbon emissions, high energy consumption in the context of ethical innovation. We will be exploring as to how can we can move towards responsible entrepreneurship through sustainable innovation and also practicing responsible consumption of digital technologies.

Working towards restoring the balance between ecology and technology, in the transition to a new net zero economy has never been more important.

This is part of the new strategy and innovation module of the MBA of The University of Exeter Business School

Shane Herath, Chair of Eco-Friendly Web Alliance will deliver this face-to-face session followed by a virtual session delivered the following week at 9 am GMT.


21 October 2022 at 9 am to 10.30 am GMT


In person (face to face)

Matrix Theatre at Exeter Campus (Building One), The University of Exeter Business School


CareersBU, Bournemouth University.