Is sustainability a priority to you?

Sustainability has become a really important tool in the battle against climate change and other social, environmental and economic challenges. Being serious about sustainability is no longer an option – it’s a requirement. EFWA seeks to improve the lives of people and the planet through our work whilst prioritising environmental sustainability.

Do you believe putting people and planet first is best for business?

We want our partners to be as excited about driving their organisations forward putting people and the planet at the heart of it. A 'force for good' business model is proving far more successful than a profit-driven approach, with the most forward-thinking organisations actively putting people and the environment first to achieve a fairer society and a more sustainable economy.

Are you positioned to have real impact?

Businesses have a powerful voice. From influencing their industries to speaking out on critical issues and reaching hundreds of millions of consumers, we inspire businesses to join us and use their voice as a force for good.

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