Amanda Bravo-Mendoza


Amanda is the Sustainability Advisor and Business Intelligence Analyst at GoGo Quinoa, Canada, implementing various projects dedicated to improving their environmental impact. In 2021 Amanda participated on the first edition of the Food and Sustainability certificate program and now she is supporting European Institute of Innovation for Sustainability (EIIS) in Italy by mentoring the participants in further editions of this course.

With a scientific background in Food Chemistry, Amanda has over fourteen years of professional experience working within different departments of the Food Industry, from Quality Control, R&D and Procurement to Business Intelligence, collaborating with various multinational companies in Mexico and Canada in the process. These experiences have enabled her to have a holistic understanding of the business of food production, supply chain, distribution and sustainability challenges.

From a young age Amanda has worked as a volunteer in various projects aiming to raise environmental awareness. She is passionately committed to making a positive impact — speaking and being part of various panel discussions — working towards a more sustainable future.