John Morley


A renowned Catalyst John is an intrapreneur and program leader, combining innovation, design, data science and analytics to solve complex challenges. He has a great track record of helping forward-looking leaders liberate trapped value, accelerate adoption, building regenerative capacity and driving sustainable transformative outcomes.

John is a former Business Design Strategist Hitachi. He has been a Catalyst in some of the world's largest companies including EMC (Director) and Hitachi, AppDynamics and Symantec (Senior Director). John describes how an open, iterative process can help organisations uncover new value. He described how he starts by sensing what needs to emerge through conversations, research, and connecting the dots. John shares the power of systems thinking in the iterating process and how he’s learned to leverage rejuvenation as a key support in not rushing headlong into action. He speaks about the power of creating Catalyst networks both internally in large organisations as well as across organisations. Connecting with other Catalysts gives John the energy and insights to create impact.

John is based in San Francisco Bay Area.