Pablo José Gámez-Cersosimo


Pablo's areas of expertise include digital awareness, human online behaviour, digital sustainability, digital pollution; Theory of Change; Holistic individual and corporate transformation processes; Investigative journalism. He is certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

In December 2021, Pablo published in Spanish his book ‘Depredadores digitales: una historia de la huella de carbono de la industria digital' (Círculo Rojo). According to Publishers Weekly, an international reference publication for the book industry, "Depredadores Digitales is not only a remarkable work, but almost necessary."

According to Pablo, the digital carbon footprint is a geopolitical problem and should be part of the digital sovereignty of countries. In addition, the digital carbon footprint is directly influencing Global Change. Covid-19 has accelerated the digital transformation, as has the digital carbon footprint. For more than five years, Pablo has researched the worldwide impact of the carbon footprint of the digital industry, but also of our digital consumption and behaviour.

In the Netherlands, he is the founder of Naturally Digital ( and working on the first KPI on Digital Pollution. He has a master’s degree in Digital Transformation and Innovation (Polytechnic University of Barcelona), a master’s degree in Digital Marketing and Social Media (Antonio de Nebrija University, Spain), a specialisation from Consciously Digital and also from the University of Madrid regarding the Metaverse, in addition to having studied journalism (bachelor’s degree) in San José, Costa Rica.

Through Naturally Digital, Pablo advises the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Costa Rica to include the digital carbon footprint as part of the sustainable development policy.