Peter Stovall


Peter is an entrepreneurial product leader focused on enterprise tech, and passionate about the planet. He has helped organisations large and small grow their first B2B SaaS products from 0-100+ and supercharge strategic differentiation.

His purpose is to create space for continuous discovery and crisp delivery of customer value. One of his favourite mantras is “go slow to go fast”, and his drive for value avoids costly “product bloat” – features that don’t get used and contribute to e-waste. Peter has written about the responsibility of product teams to move their customers towards sustainable outcomes. It is in this research that he first encountered EFWA’s mission. He hopes to help pave the way for further guidance in climate-positive product management.

Before discovering his love of product, Peter practised as a corporate lawyer across a number of high profile M&A deals and investigations. He is adept at navigating complex regulatory and stakeholder ecosystems as a change agent. Peter has worked in the UK, EU, US and Canada. He is currently based in Vancouver, BC, where he is an active member of the product community.