Joanna Darwin

Thanks to the team and to the Eco-Friendly Web Alliance for making this happen. Three of our websites have met the standard and we are working on the rest. A tangible example of our support for the Race to Net Zero.

London & Partners is the official business growth and destination agency for London, supported by The Mayor of London.


Director of Marketing Services, London & Partners 

Angus Grant

We are thrilled to announce that the Carlisle Brass website has been certified as environmentally friendly by the EFWA. It’s especially important that companies in e-commerce and others with a website, have a sustainable approach. This is something that we’d definitely recommend to businesses and other organisations in the UK and globally.

Carlisle Brass is the UK’s largest specialised developer of door and window furniture for residential and commercial properties.


Managing Director, Carlisle Brass

Errin Anderson

The Eco-Friendly Web Alliance has certified The Ecology Centre website as climate-positive, certifying that it emits less than 1 g of carbon for each page view. As part of the criteria, we’ve committed to switching to renewable energy to power the website and taking responsibility for website carbon emissions through carbon sequestration. We are the first charity in Fife, Scotland to gain this accreditation.


General Manager, The Ecology Centre

Lucy Cullinane

Definitely a step in the right direction – I didn’t know that the internet is responsible for nearly 4% of global carbon emissions and as we are on our #racetozero drive, it made sense to ensure that the #carbonfootprint of the Efeca website was as low as possible. Thanks for helping us first understand the carbon footprint of our website and then helping us reduce those emissions affiliated with it.


Operations Director, Efeca

Jill Poet

Really love the work the Alliance is doing, in creating more awareness of the huge carbon impact of IT and digital infrastructure. It is important that we reduce the carbon emissions of the website and work towards climate-positivity. The website will be better from a performance and loading speed too in the process. We are delighted that our Organisation for Responsible Business and other websites are accredited as eco-friendly.


CEO, Organisation for Responsible Businesses 

Ed Morrison

Eco-Friendly Web Alliance (EFWA) team is changing our world, one website at a time. The EFWA has come up with a powerful question. Imagine if we had an energy performance standard for web sites similar to the energy performance standards we apply to buildings. What would that look like? EFWA solution leads us a project we can share: reduce the carbon footprint of the Internet.


Director, Agile Strategy Lab, USA 

Callum Ogden

At Lothian Centre for Inclusive Living (LCiL) we were delighted to have the opportunity to work with the Eco-Friendly Web Alliance (EFWA) to attain Eco-Friendly Website Accreditation. As a registered Charity, sustainability and social impact are close to the heart of everything we do. Working with the EFWA has been a beneficial experience for us, not just in contributing to our sustainable business practices but also in understanding the relationship between Carbon emissions, website delivery and the associated benefit for visitors in load-time and ease of navigation. While this accreditation represents a significant milestone for LCiL it is certainly not the end point in our journey towards more sustainable business practices – we look forward to further developing our efforts in this area and encouraging other companies to do the same.


Service Development Manager, LCiL

Lizzie McManus

We at Warrior Agency are very happy to be sporting an officially low-carbon website thanks to Eco-Friendly Web Alliance assessment, highly recommended!


Founder, Warrior Agency

Yolanda Wringe

The internet’s carbon footprint is rapidly increasing, and businesses can take steps to cut carbon emissions from their websites and digital platforms and move toward climate-positivity. The Eco-Friendly Web Alliance works with organisations all over the world to help them lead the way toward a more sustainable digital world in the future, and we’re thrilled to be a part of that journey with this new accreditation.


Business Centre Manager, Norton Park Conference Centre

David Harman

It was reassuring news that I’m practicing what I preach! I had a feeling that our website was low-carbon as when it was built the web design company did a good job and we are happy that there’s an independent body to run quarterly audits and help us stay within a low-carbon threshold. An excellent way to practice ‘responsible consumption’ in our digital presence.


Sustainable Business & Infrastructure Asset Management

Gwyn Jones

This whole initiative fits superbly with the “sustainability is the outcome of conscious thinking” mantra as EFWA prompts designers to be more aware of the impacts of their decisions and prioritising environmentally-positive performance. We’re excited to be a part of that journey with this new accreditation for ASP.


Director, The Association of Sustainability Practitioners

Emma Bonar

Sustainability is fundamental to everything we do at 69b Boutique, so it’s important to us as a business that we do what we can to reduce our digital emissions. We are delighted to have been awarded EFWA’s Climate Positive Website Accreditation and will continue our commitment to use green energy and take responsibility for our website’s emissions. The process was straightforward, scientific and credible, and I learnt a lot about the impact of website emissions from the EFWA team.


Owner, 69b Boutique 

Dr Anna Itkin

We are pleased that Eco-Friendly Web Alliance has verified The Inceptery website as eco-friendly, emitting less than 1 g of CO2 per page view, operating within a low-carbon threshold. The Inceptery, a certified B Corporation, is a sustainability-driven innovation consultancy headquartered in Singapore. The Inceptery prepares and transforms businesses for the future, through sustainability-led innovation, creating environmental, financial and social benefits.


Partner, The Inceptery

Finlay Kerr

No-one really thinks of a website as something which contributes to the climate change. But it’s a real hidden issue, and now there’s a simple way for businesses to ensure their own websites go green. The amount of electricity consumed by internet use across the globe is eye-watering, and it’s right we look at ways of practically addressing that. We are very happy that Frejz is one of the first businesses to receive the ‘eco-friendly’ accreditation for its website.


MD, Frejz

Roshan Bamberadeniya

Sales Capital is proud to be the first digital marketing agency in Sri Lanka to have acquired this international accreditation. Thanks to the Eco-Friendly Web Alliance, we are able to take our first step towards sustainable digital marketing practices, reducing carbon emissions and taking responsibility. Leading the way in positively impacting the brands we serve, matters to us!


CEO, Sales Capital

Jenna Darlow

Thanks to the team and to the Eco-Friendly Web Alliance for delivering a session on Eco-Friendly Websites and Internet Emissions. A great discussion and I really feel that we created a lot of awareness.


Skills Development Programme Officer, Bournemouth University

Richard Collins

Eco-Friendly Web Alliance really opened up our eyes with regard to the carbon footprint of our website. It can so easily be overlooked and yet collectively makes such a powerful difference. CSR Accreditation is delighted to have been through the process so professionally delivered by the Eco-Friendly team. This has contributed to our journey towards net zero.


CEO, CSR-Accreditation

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